CoEnterprise Announces Syncrofy Cloud for Retailers and the Supply Chain

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CoEnterprise Announces Syncrofy Cloud for Retailers and the Supply Chain

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We announced today that Syncrofy—our flagship business visibility EDI solution—is now available via the public cloud. Syncrofy Cloud is well-suited for suppliers that sell to large retailers by meeting EDI requirements without the need for dedicated IT staff and the solution also provides actionable insights to avoid chargebacks and other related fees.

"B2B Commerce is the new norm and all retailers large and small need to address back-end operations, IT infrastructure, and supply chain needs," said Karen Blood, cofounder of GraceBlood, the nation's first Syncrofy reseller. "EDI isn't a new technology, rather it's a tried- and-true format for effectively handling transactions within the operational centers of supply-chain businesses. Technology has evolved to ensure the longevity of EDI and CoEnterprise has cornered the market with Syncrofy Cloud, providing an easy-to-use solution that seamlessly integrates all the key moving parts, breaking down the IT barriers for our clients."

For years, traditional EDI has been a costly means of conducting business as it is necessary to have a common standard in place when exchanging data to ensure continuity and avoid translation issues. With cloud adoption, the traditional EDI model has become much more affordable, flexible, and scalable, allowing businesses to easily automate and integrate their business processes to remain competitive.

"Almost every enterprise involved in supply chain and retail leverages EDI as the standard to exchange data and information, which has traditionally been seen as a barrier to success and growth, especially for smaller businesses," said our CEO Michael Rabinowitz. "With the explosive growth of eCommerce, and the resulting impact on the entire supply chain, there is a need for these companies to leverage a B2B solution that includes EDI capability and we're now offering exactly that with Syncrofy Cloud. It levels the playing field and allows these companies to save resources and remain competitive by meeting the requirements of big retailers at a fraction of the cost."

Syncrofy Cloud collects, analyzes, and presents EDI business data in a non-technical way without the need for IT support. Enterprises choose EDI solutions due to their simplicity in extracting this data from business systems as well as the widespread adoption across and within industries. With Syncrofy Cloud, enterprises are not only able to gather business data, but they are empowered to act upon it before a problem arises through proactive monitoring and alerts.

Syncrofy Cloud offers these three key benefits for retailers and the supply chain:

  • Reduced costs by alleviating the resources and time needed for implementation, on-boarding, operations, as well as ongoing maintenance
  • Increased scalability and flexibility by removing the need for in-house point solutions that accommodate EDI and API requirements
  • Increased visibility of supply chain for streamlined exchange of information, products, and services—especially with the rapid growth of B2B eCommerce

CoEnterprise has been at the forefront of the EDI evolution to turn big data into actionable insights for all enterprises. To learn more about Syncrofy Cloud, please visit our website or schedule a demo to see how it can provide business visibility across the entire supply chain.

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